Terms and Conditions
  • The registrant confirms that he is aware of the content, route, time, duration etc. of the nature tour rendered by the service provider.
  • The registrant confirms that his health condition allows participating and passing the tour. The service provider shall not be deemed responsible for any injuries or damages caused by the registrant’s health condition or any other such matter which may occur due to any situation outside the scope of the responsibilities of the service provider.
  • The registrant confirms that he is aware of his obligations to follow the recommendations of the instructor and not to risk his or other persons‘ health and life.
  • The registrant follows all security measures introduced to him as well the demands by the instructor.
  • In case, more people participate in the tour together with the registrant, the registrant shall assume the responsibility of the team leader, taking the responsibility for all the group members being informed of any issues related to the tour. The group leader shall prepare the list of participants, be responsible for the discipline of all group members during the tour, informing all group members of any occurring changes (overnight stays, changes in prices etc).

Damaged equipment
  • In case of the damage to/destruction/loss or becoming not usable in any other way of equipment rented form the service provider, the penalty is 500€.
  • Using the rented equipment outside the organised nature tour is allowed only at a prior agreement with the service provider.